Terms and conditions

I accept, as Customer, the following as an integral part of the contract with Angular GmbH, including special provisions concerning limitation of Angular GmbH’s liability for damages, (see § 1) and Angular GmbH's option to terminate the contractual relationship with customers who burden Angular GmbH sAngular GmbH tervers disproportionately and thus cause Angular GmbH incur extra cost (see § 4.2.).

§ 1 - Angular GmbH's obligations

1.1. Angular GmbH is committed to maintaining a reasonable protection of the company’s servers to avoid conditions that can lead to theft of customer data, including but not limited to illegal physical as well as electronic intrusion. Angular GmbH undertakes corresponding actions that are designed to prevent downtime at the company’s servers, including maintenance of servers and associated systems.

1.2. Angular GmbH complies with relevant Swiss legislation on the processing of personal data.

§ 2 - Angular GmbH’s liability

2.1. You agree that errors may occur at Angular GmbH servers, including downtime, which can cause the customer to be without access to uploaded material for a shorter or longer period. Angular GmbH is committed to urgently and with all reasonable means remedy such a situation, but regardless of the cause of the downtime, Angular GmbH can not be held responsible for the loss the Customer or its suppliers may suffer as a consequence. This applies regardless of whether any error can be attributed to Angular GmbH, Angular GmbH's external suppliers or other causes.

2.2. Angular GmbH is not responsible for any violations of law occurring at Angular GmbH’s servers, which are caused by the Customer, including but not limited to copyright, criminal, competition and marketing law violations.

2.3. Apart from the items in § 2.1., Angular GmbH’s potential liability under this Agreement is limited to an amount equal to Customer’s payment of 6 months hosting at Angular GmbH.

2.4. Angular GmbH is also not responsible for any loss that Customer may suffer as a result of force majeure, including but not limited to lightning, flood, natural disasters, fire, strike, network congestion or error in external networks.

§ 3 - Customer obligations

3.1. You agree that the material uploaded on Angular GmbH servers must comply with Swiss legislation and must not infringe third party rights. Angular GmbH provides no form of censorship prior to upload, since Angular GmbH does not possess the knowledge or resources to assess these issues.

3.2. Customer shall further agree that illegal activities cannot be executed from Angular GmbH's servers, for example in the form of, but not limited to marketing law violations, including unsolicited commercial advertising in the form of spam.

3.3. If the Customer violates § 3.1. or 3.2. this shall constitute a material breach and Angular GmbH is entitled to terminate the contractual relationship immediately and seek compensation for the expenses incurred and born by Angular GmbH in this regard. Angular GmbH also reserves the right to have the police notify the Customer if the relationship warrants it.

3.4. The customer is himself obliged to keep a backup version of the files hosted on Angular GmbH servers.

3.5. Angular GmbH is not responsible for the consequences of the Client opening attachments received from Angular GmbH mail servers.

§ 4 - Termination

4.1. The agreement between the Customer and Angular GmbH can be mutually terminated by either party giving 1 month’s notice.

4.2. In cases where Customer’s consumption of data on Angular GmbH servers achieves a magnitude or such a nature that they cause capacity difficulties, or cause Angular GmbH to incur extra costs from the Angular GmbH’s hosting partner, Angular GmbH reserves the right to terminate the contractual relationship with the customer per § 4.1. In addition, Angular GmbH is entitled to claim expenses caused by such acts perpetrated by the Customer. If Angular GmbH is being used to host and/or stream content that is shown on high-traffic websites you will be contacted by us to conclude a specific agreement regarding hosting and streaming from high-traffic websites.

§ 5 - Refunds

5.1. No refunds for hosting subscriptions or services rendered.

§ 6 - Transfer of contractual relationship

6.1. Angular GmbH is entitled to transfer rights or obligations under this contract to third parties.

§ 7 - Applicable law and jurisdiction

7.1. This contractual relationship is governed by Swiss law. Disputes between the parties shall be settled by the Court in Zug, Switzerland.